360 Growth

Trials and tribulations do not discriminate; irrespective of one's socio-economic class, creed, gender, religion or age. To achieve success time and again one should possess the wherewithal to take on challenges upfront.

This requires a sense of self-reliance and self-assurance. The foundation for such critical values is laid during the formative years of the child. At Presidency, we focus on the overall development of our students by stimulating growth across their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual spheres.

Emphasis on physical well-being. Emphasis on mental alertness.

At Presidency, special importance is given to students' physical health. After all, it is a healthy body that breeds a healthy mind. Our syllabus recognizes the need for the inclusion of a wide range of sports and games.

These comprise indoor as well as outdoor games and specialised adventure sports too. Sports activities build critical aspects of our physical health like muscle growth, strengthening of joints, lung capacity, and overall stamina.

Sports also foster a sense of team spirit and teach them to celebrate victory with the right spirit and to graciously take defeat in their stride. While physical development is of utmost importance, what fuels this development is the right kind of nourishment and nutrition.

Our school canteen looks at regulating and fortifying students' health on a day-to-day basis. At Presidency, every child is assured nourishment from freshly cooked breakfast.

Channelising curiosity. Fortifying knowledge.

Unabashed curiosity is the hallmark of any child. Their desire to discern, to experience and to assimilate knowledge, when manoeuvred efficiently, can stimulate all-round growth and development.

At Presidency, we promote intellectual development in children by :

  • Inculcating in them the habit of reading through our comprehensive in-house Library.

  • Supplementing their classroom learning of physics, chemistry and biology by performing practical experiments related to these subjects in their respective laboratories.

  • keeping them to remain in touch with the latest developments in the field of information technology (IT) through the facilities offered at our computer laboratory.

  • encouraging them to participate in various Quizes, debate and elocution competitions organised at regular intervals.

Giving back to the world. Caring for our society.

It is imperative to nurture a will within oneself to do good for the world that exists beyond our immediate family and friends. This can be inculcated if the child is exposed to the rich heritage of the world. To facilitate this, religious festivals and events of national importance are celebrated in the school.

Another important aspect is the sense of pride for oneself and for the community; this is achieved by organizing events like Annual Day, Sports Day, Teachers Day, Children’s Day and Interschool competitions. Sharing, bonding and the two essence of give and take are other important characteristics of child's development that cannot be undermined.

This we achieve through Field trips, outings, picnics, visits, campaigning, trekking etc which give the child opportunities to experience and learn from the environment and each other. At Presidency, we consider discipline to be the cornerstone of development.

Discipline implies guiding students through lessons in self-control, obedience, cooperation and punctuality. Regular morning assemblies, physical education classes, a stringent code of conduct and formalised special discipline committees help us communicate the importance of authority and shape our students' personalities.

Meditation & Yoga – A spiritual feel.
Striving for equilibrium. Aiming for internalised peace.

Children, today, are as susceptible to anxiety, conflicts, and attention disorders as adults. We believe it is important to address these issues by going that extra mile. At Presidency, we conduct regular Yoga sessions to help our children achieve balance of the mind-body-soul sphere.

The sessions are stimulating and enlightening in equal measures. To relax their minds and boost their classroom learning, we also organise meditation sessions.

These sessions help us achieve our primary objective of facilitating the all-round development of children – the future of our nation.

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