There was once a time when amenities were only considered to be of marginal importance to the function of providing education.

Over the years they have become essential, however good amenities and facilities privy only to those who can shell out a large amount of money to elite schools in town. We at Presidency believe that amenities should be made available to every student irrespective of their socio-economic status. We have put in place facilities and infrastructure that elevates the process of delivering and imbibing education

Science Lab

Science laboratories are one of the most important features of any school. We have separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These laboratories provide students with a testing ground for the learning acquired within the classrooms by allowing them to experience first-hand knowledge and performing experiments on their own.

Our laboratories are well-equipped with safety devices to ensure safety of one and all.

Audio Visual Lab

All of us realise that in addition to the learning imparted within the classrooms, it is also imperative for our children to gain access, knowledge, information, insights, and stories from across the world.

In our audio visual lab lessons are presented in the form of short films, documentaries and short clippings through a large screen overhead projector.


Academic journals, periodicals, reference books, fiction based literature and many more – our in-house library houses plethora of books. Great care has been taken to put together a diverse assortment to cater to different tastes and needs of students.

To widen their knowledge base further, we have joined hands with Scholastic (US) to organise Book Club and Book Fair, wherein children get the exposure to the world of books which are not otherwise easily accessible.

The Scholastic organizes 3 Book clubs and 2 Book fairs across the year and thereby the students get the opportunity to improve their knowledge.


Keeping track of our children is essential even when the teacher is not in the classroom. To ensure this, every class has installed with a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) that helps us monitor and keep track of children continuously.


Classrooms are provided with smartclass digital boards which empower traditional teaching methods with a real interactive Learning experience. Nothing stimulates the mind better than moving pictures and accompanying sound. Enormous time is saved which could have been normally spent by the teacher on writing or drawing diagrams, pictures, figures etc. on the check board. This precious time is invested by our teachers in addressing queries and ensuring that the students have understood well.


Presidency operates school buses that cater to the travel needs of the students from within the Bhiwandi and Kalyan areas. Stringent measures are followed that the school buses are maintained well to ensure high standards of safety.


The school mess serves freshly and tastefully prepared nutritious breakfast.

An in-house nutritionist regularly supervises the wholesomeness of the prepared food and provides necessary guidance. Jain food is provided in the mess.

Health Care

A robust first-aid facility helps us attend to any immediate discomfort that a child may experience while in school. We also organise periodic health check-up programmes.

The check-up reports are recorded and maintained in the school diary as well as in the report card so that parents can periodically view their kids' health status.

A nurse is available in the school premises during the school's working hours.

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