Core Values

The freedom of expression

At Presidency, every individual is given the right to express themselves freely. This right to free expression fosters the spirit of independent thinking, and helps individuals understand themselves better. Children are taught the importance of valuing themselves and their own ideas. This self-awareness is the foundation of great leaders.

Adherence to self discipline

When enforced never stays with a person for life. At Presidency, we communicate the importance of discipline by creating an atmosphere where discipline becomes a way of life. Disciplinary methods are never punitive but reformatory in nature. CCTVs constantly monitor every classroom and discipline committees help us infuse the spirit of regulation and restraint in children.

Positive channelising of energy

Every child is a bundle of limitless energy and enthusiasm. This energy needs to be effectively harnessed. At Presidency, we take extra efforts to identify the specific talents that reside within children and further mould them effectively. In addition to the curriculum, we have put in place plethora of activities and also conduct competitions that help us in this regard.

Being a socially responsible citizen

At Presidency, we stress on empowerment over wilful imposition of principles. The idea is to authorize students and hand them over responsibilities that would help them value the role of teachers better. The Student’s Council, the Prefectural body and the house system comprising house captains and their subordinates are in-charge of maintaining discipline and promoting mutual respect, co-operation and coordination and finally making them responsible human beings.
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