Polishing latent abilities to create vibrant stars

“Have you ever tried defining a child?

A representation of wistful innocence. A symbol of wide-eyed enthusiasm. A bundle of untapped energy.

I have always been driven by the conviction that every child is special. At school children are at the centre of very thing we do. We aim to give our children the best possible opportunities & learning experiences, enabling them to reach their full potential. We aim to ensure that the children in our care are equipped for lifelong learning as they grow up as responsible citizens in an ever-changing world-wide diverse community. We believe that every child has the capacity to become excellent if they have the courage to challenge themselves. We have the responsibility to make this happen by nurturing creativity, enjoyment & ambition, learning & growing together.

We are proud of the progress our pupils make during their time with us.

“Every plant was once a sapling; every flower once a bud.”


We are delighted to welcome you, the new Presidency School parents to our fold.

The ever-shrinking world and ever-expanding horizons of exposure has made us a global citizen today. No more restraints of geographical boundaries or cultural restrictions, the global citizen is eager to take flight into the international realm. It’s here Education comes in as a passport for our ‘globe trotter’ and your search for an institution with such curriculum ends with Presidency School.

We believe that education is a process of stimulating and awakening people from the very core of their being, enabling them to unlock and develop the power within them to create an environment of positive learning.

Your child is incredibly precious & we understand how important it is that they develop academically, socially & personally. We believe that every child is special & unique. We appreciate & build their strengths and work on their weaknesses by teaching them skills to help overcome them.

In the words of Paul K. Meyer, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment of excellence…” It shall be our endeavour to ensure that our commitment towards quality education remains consistent and sincere.

The website will unfold before you the multi-faceted aspects of the institution and you shall discover the treasures of knowledge & information nestled here in.

We respect the trust you have placed in us and with your help and support, will do our very best to nurture and develop, your child’s innate potential to its fullest, so that she/he flowers and blossoms into a fine human being.

Our teachers are going to be a facilitator, motivator, supporter, explorer & the alpha and omega of the students.

And finally, I believe that when school & parents work together, children's flourish.

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