School Overview

Presidency School is a ICSE Board coeducational school, offering Day Scholastic programs. It is established to nurture & cultivate the dreams of children & make them all rounders. The school has been constructed on a sprawling 5 acre campus with splendid infra structural facilities in a tranquil environment.

The entire gamut of activities in Presidency School reflects its objectives of nurturing young children and making them responsible adults who can make a positive contribution to the world. A compre - hensive academic & co-curricular program, experienced faculty, personal attention & care and state-of-the-art infrastructure collectively ensure that the education is holistic & truly international.

Our Vision

It all started with one man's dream – to make quality education the privilege of everybody irrespective of socio-economic class.

It is driven by the simple universal truth – Every child is special.

The genesis of Presidency school was spurred by the vision of its trustee, Mr. Mahaveer Jain. And it has evolved year after year through the sheer commitment of all the people associated with the institution.

A springboard for the future success of children, the core approach and methodology of Presidency focuses on invoking nascent talents and channelising the potential that is inherent in every child.

At Presidency, it is only highly important that we spur our children to achieve success not just to win laurels for us but to help them enjoy fulfilment and make a meaningful difference to their future.


Presidency is committed to provide a conducive environment for holistic education anchored in a rigorous academic programme for the children. We are committed to engage students in active, collaborative and technologies based learning methodologies to develop the formative and summative assessment of student learning so that they become confident and responsible global citizens.

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