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Help Desk (FAQ)
What education system does Presidency follow?
Presidency follows the ICSE syllabus.

What are the advantages offered by ICSE?
ICSE syllabus has a distinct advantage over the others. The curriculum prepares your child for higher studies and competitive exams. ICSE's flexibility allows students to opt for subjects of his/her interest. ICSE standards give its students an edge over their counterparts when it comes to pursuing higher education.

What syllabus-based differences are ICSE endowed with?
Except for second languages, all other subjects are taught in English. This early exposure to the universal language lays the basis for comprehending of themes and issues in English and holds children in good stead for the rest of their lives.

How does an IVR system work?
The IVR system is easy to operate. Follow the following steps :
1. Dial 280600
2. Press
3. Dial Students IVR number
4. Press # and follow the instructions on phone
Through this facility, you can access information such as your child's marks, free details, etc.

Will my child face any racial, religious, caste or creed discrimination?
No. At Presidency, we are particular about wiping out any negative factors that can hamper progress. We follow an inclusive curriculum that recognises diversity and urges students to resolve conflicts peacefully.

What if my child damages any school property?
In case they damage any property in and around the school premises, a fine, proportionate to the damage would be imposed.

What is Presidency's stance on punishment in schools?
Punishments are completely prohibited within Presidency premises. Our disciplinary methods aim to reform and not inflict pain.

What if my child forgets any of his/her belongings in the bus or in the class?
If your child forgets something in the bus, the conductor will collect it and hand over the belongings to the assigned peon in the school. The child can always ask the peon and take their belongings back if they forget something in the class.

What if you are past the last date of paying fees?
A fine of Rs. 50 will be imposed after every 15 days, post the last day of paying fees. In case of cheque transactions, cheque return charges of Rs. 100 for each transaction will be charged from the defaulter.

What if my child misplaces a book taken from library?
The child will have to pay the actual cost of the book as a fine in case he/she misplaces the book taken from the library.

What is the withdrawal policy?
All withdrawals from the school can be made only on a written request for the same by the parent/guardian who has signed the application for admission.

How do I get an update of any change in the school's schedule?
You will be informed of the school's changing schedule through an SMS facility.
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