Rules & Regulations


  • The school uniform must be kept neat & clean.

  • Utmost discipline should be maintained within school premises: classrooms, corridors, mess & the school bus.

  • Attendance must be regular & lapses should be substantiated with valid reasons.

  • A positive attitude should be ingrained as this will help in effective development.

  • School surroundings must be kept clean & green.

  • A high degree of punctuality & academic commitment is essential.

  • Inside the science lab: keep electrical equipments away from water, handle every equipment with care.


  • Bringing junk food to school.

  • Expensive birthday gifts.

  • Misbehaving or resorting to abusive language.

  • Damaging, disfiguring or mutilating the school property.

  • Bullying or ragging of junior students.

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