Presidency school
Limitless dreams. Endless commitment
Emphasis on physical well-being. Emphasis on mental alertness.
At Presidency, special importance is given to students' physical health. After all, it is a healthy body that breeds a healthy mind. Our syllabus recognizes the need for the inclusion of a wide range of sports and games.

These comprise indoor as well as outdoor games and specialised adventure sports too. Sports activities build critical aspects of our physical health like muscle growth, strengthening of joints, lung capacity, and overall stamina.

Sports also foster a sense of team spirit and teach them to celebrate victory with the right spirit and to graciously take defeat in their stride. While physical development is of utmost importance, what fuels this development is the right kind of nourishment and nutrition.

Our school canteen looks at regulating and fortifying students' health on a day-to-day basis. At Presidency, every child is assured nourishment from freshly cooked breakfast and lunch which is prepared under the supervision of an in-house nutritionist.
Presidency school