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Limitless dreams. Endless commitment
Academics has to be at the core of any school. But in today's competitive environment, the role of a school has to go beyond delivering quality education. At Presidency, we believe our responsibility lies in moulding our children to achieve the best in life through 360 degree development. With this objective, we have evolved a spectrum of activities which lay special emphasis on critical aspects like personality development, character building, team spirit, physical development and astuteness. All the children are encouraged and motivated to participate.

Drawing & Painting
Images reveal a journey, a history, a memory, or just the expression of a moment. Presidency is the ideal place for budding artists. We recognise students' panache for elegant brushstrokes and provide them with a canvas to demonstrate their talents. Competitions are held throughout the year to spur students to take their art to the higher level.
Dance & Music
The most important part of our heritage is our culture, which is best reflected in dance and music. This captures the traditions, cultural dynamics, folk-lore and showcases the history, habits and achievements of different communities.
At Presidency, we not only encourage one and all to express themselves through dance and music but also take great efforts to identify students with a flair for performing arts and give them
special attention to help them blossom into future artist.
Hobby clubs
While our syllabus is inclusive of extracurricular activities, we have also put in place hobby clubs that cater to different spheres such as sports, dance & music, drawing & painting, dramatics, science and language. These clubs call for a professional teaching staff who tap into the special talents of students and help them blossom in the fields of their respective interest. Hobby clubs are conducted twice a week and are scheduled during school hours itself.
Presidency hosts numerous Inter-School, & Inter House competitions that provide students with a stage to display their skills but also organizes competition that stimulate the intellect in a very creative and innovative way.

There are competitions for each and every activity students learn and practice in the school. Mentioned below are the competitions held at Presidency at regular intervals:

Academic : Quiz, Debate, Extempore, Elocution, Newspaper Reading, Story Telling, Poetry Recitation, Calligraphy, Creative Writing, Essay Writing
Culture : Drama, Dance, Singing, Fancy dress, Instrument playing
Art & craft : Drawing & painting, Collage, Best out of waste, Clay modelling
Activities like Quiz competitions promote the sharing of knowledge and information while infusing an element of fun and competitiveness to the whole process.
Students can engage in a gamut of sports activities. Students are encouraged to take part in all kinds of sporting activities.
Martial Arts :Karate, Judo, Tae-Kwando
Indoor Games :Badminton, Chess, Carom
Outdoor Games :Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Skating
Adventure sports :Rappelling, River-valley crossing, Rifle shooting, Rock-climbing
Children are trained to play every game, conforming to the internationally followed rules. These activities intend to keep children active, amplify their stamina, flexibility, and learn coordination through professional training.
Drama is life captured on art platform. It is also an amazing form of storytelling and a great way to drive home life changing messages. Presidency encourages students to exhibit their theatrical forte.

Drama is a powerful route to stimulate creativity in students. Enactment of characters challenges their perception about the world and acts as a medium to highlight their emotions, thoughts and dreams.

Dramas are a regular part of the curriculum for both primary and secondary level students. Dramas are conducted on special occasions, days and events.
Presidency school