Presidency school
Limitless dreams. Endless commitment
Giving back to the world. Caring for our society.
It is imperative to nurture a will within oneself to do good for the world that exists beyond our immediate family and friends. This can be inculcated if the child is exposed to the rich heritage of the world. To facilitate this, religious festivals and events of national importance are celebrated in the school.

Another important aspect is the sense of pride for oneself and for the community; this is achieved by organizing events like Annual Day, Sports Day, Teachers Day, Children’s Day and Interschool competitions. Sharing, bonding and the two essence of give and take are other important characteristics of child's development that cannot be undermined.

This we achieve through Field trips, outings, picnics, visits, campaigning, trekking etc which give the child opportunities to experience and learn from the environment and each other. At Presidency, we consider discipline to be the cornerstone of development.

Discipline implies guiding students through lessons in self-control, obedience, cooperation and punctuality. Regular morning assemblies, physical education classes, a stringent code of conduct and formalised special discipline committees help us communicate the importance of authority and shape our students' personalities.
Presidency school