Students’ Testimonials

Aayushi Malode

- IX A

I joined Presidency School in the year 2014, when I was in 6th Standard and in these four years I have witnessed positive changes in my personality somewhere or the other. I feel Presidency School is the reason behind this development.

The teachers over here have encouraged me a lot to cherish my talent. They have recognized my skills and talent and have given me many opportunities to showcase them. Presidency School has developed my confidence level.

Aamira Bobde

- IX A

The prudence of the principal and teachers of Presidency School has helped me to invent myself, has motivated me to believe in my strength and also given me a perspective to look at criticism in a healthy way which helps me to overcome my weaknesses and unravel my potentials.

The wholesome approach of the school has lifted my enthusiasm, helped me in my all round development and has moulded me into a person of positive disposition.

The extra-curricular activities such as arts and sports bring out the best of creativity and talent of the students.

Ayushi Jain

- X A

It’s a great privilege for me to be the part of Presidency School. I am the head girl of my school. The qualities which I possess today are not God’s gift, but gradual development of my skills over a period of time in school. My school has provided me with a platform for various public speaking events and competitions which aim at personal development.

I have learnt about gratitude and humility, that so many people had a hand in my success, from the teachers who inspired me to the janitors who kept clean. I have learnt to be disciplined, possessing patience, perseverance, willingness, constant penchant for success and the unfailing optimism. I still remember the first of my school, when I used to be a timid child.

My school has helped me to overcome my fear and turned me into completely different person today. Apart from personal development, the lessons learnt on the ground and the fun games would remain the best memories of my school life.

Anjali Sharma

- X B

The school Presidency is an entity in itself and identity to its students. It has a special climate to study which lets us focus and concentrate on ourselves. The school provides many ways of learning, such as videos and practicals. It provides the best facilities.

My school offers endless opportunities for the students, to support their talents and hobbies and opportunities to get involved in things around the campus.

The staff, be it teaching or non- teaching is excellent which makes my school the best. Our teachers teach us etiquettes, values and discipline for the present and future.

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